Apple broke record with iPhone 5; stock consumed on only the first hour of pre-orders.

Apple consumers demand high iPhone 5 quantities. IPhone 5 stocks wiped out in just the first hour! Pre-orders go up as fast Apple raises expectatives on consumers once again; into what now is the greatest iPhone yet. Now the question is what do competitors have in mind? Would Android finally be able to come up with a product even similar to iOS?…

The New iPhone 5: Review


So The New iPhone 5 is here!; and as expected it was announced on September by Tim Cook as well as the new “iPod Touch” and the new “iPod Nano“, September 12, 2012 to be exact.  So most of you are questioning; what’s new in the iPhone 5; Well the answer is: there’s a lot of things new with iPhone 5 lol; I ranges from the New iOS6 to some cool new incorporated hardware including HD photo and video in the new iSight camera, and the all-new upgraded iPhone 5 genuinely luxurious design.

So here’s a list of some of the Features mentioned about the iPhone 5:


New New 4-inch “Retina Display

(*A reason why the iPhone’s display needed to be taller is because when you turn it into landscape mode it fits a lot more horizontally and also vertically. So it’s almost like a 7-inch tablet)

HD Camera

(*including 1080 px. Panoramic Mode, HD iSight Camera for FaceTime and iSight HD Video.)

A6 Chip

LTE *For incredibly better Cellular and Wireless Speeds.



(*apple designed, Turn by turn navigation included; traffic, Fly-over, and Local Search.)


New “Phone” App

(*includes Visual Voicemail.)


(*Now over-cellular Network.)

 In The Box: 

The all-new, all-digital lighting connector


The all-new earpods.




Well I hope this helped you guys get an idea of the features in the New iPhone 5. Thanks

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